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What will the Hoosier Heartland Corridor bring to the area?

Posted: Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Article submitted to the Chamber of Commerce by Tom Weatherwax

For the last two and a half decades, my community of Logansport, Indiana has been working toward the completion of the Hoosier Heartland Industrial Corridor.  Thanks to Governor Mitch Daniels’ leadership, in less than three years, Logansport, through the completion of this limited access highway, will have access to the regional and national economy of North America.  The Heartland Highway Corridor, which runs from Toledo, Ohio to Lafayette, Indiana, will provide north-central Indiana and the Wabash Valley with the ability to attract additional businesses, industries, and jobs.  This highway corridor enhances the competitiveness of north-central Indiana by giving our region of the state the ability to conduct business over a limited access highway or the National Norfolk Southern rail line.

Let me share with you a simple truth.  We build highways not for today, but for our children’s children.  With the completion of the Heartland Highway, the next generation of Logansport and the surrounding area, will hopefully have the opportunity to stay in our community and not have to go elsewhere to find jobs.  The benefits of the Heartland Highway are already being demonstrated in decisions being made by corporate America.  To the West, less than two miles from where we stand today, is the Andersons Clymers, LLC Ethanol Plant.  The Andersons Clymers, LLC Ethanol Plant is one of the largest Ethanol plants east of the Mississippi River.  The plant represents a $250 million investment in our state’s future and produces over 110 million gallons of Ethanol a year.  In 2010, over 62,000 trucks transported product to and from this Ethanol plant.  Once the Heartland Highway is completed, these regional truck movements will become more safe and efficient.

To the East, is the Ivy Tech Community College Logansport Campus.  This college campus was located on the highway corridor to give greater regional access to higher education.  This 55-acre college campus represents a $20 million investment in educating the next generation of our community to be competitive.  It is educational investments like this, tied with increased access to the regional and national economy which will make a long-term difference in our community’s future.

On those sections of the Heartland Highway that are already completed, there has been an increased tempo in economic development interest in the communities of Huntington, Wabash, and Peru.  This renewed interest in the region is in part due to the announced upcoming completion of the Heartland Highway.

The Daniels’ Administration Major Moves initiative was one of the catalysts to bring about these positive changes to north-central Indiana and the Wabash Valley.  Today’s announcements about the highway only further demonstrate how important the Governor’s leadership has been in completing the Hoosier Heartland Industrial Corridor.

Tom Weatherwax
Indiana State Senator (retired)

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