Friday, September 17th, 2021

What does your Chamber membership involve?

Posted: Friday, January 5, 2018

After joining the Chamber of Commerce, what can I expect from the Chamber, and are there any additional costs? Do I have meetings I must attend or additional responsibilities? To answer your questions: there are no additional costs, meetings or responsibilities you must meet.

When you join the Chamber, we do ask that you share business information, photos, events, milestones, honors and successes with us. We want that information so we can share your good news with the other 400 Chamber members and the community.

By joining the Chamber, you have full access to our weekly Friday Chamber Notes, monthly newsletter, website, Facebook pages, ChamberApp for the smart phone and more. You can also place on our website and phone app, your help wanted, events you are associated with and electronic hot deals. You can also link from our website to your website, Facebook page and more; all free for being a member.

Other benefits of being a member include our Lunch ’n Learns, business seminars, HR/Professional Development Group meetings, 12@12, networking group, After Hours, ribbon cuttings and a host of other gatherings including State of the City, meetings with State Senators, House Representatives, Commissioners, Mayor, U.S. Representatives and more, at no additional cost to you. The only additional cost that you incur is if you have lunch at one of the above meetings. The Chamber normally has lunch catered in for $10.