Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

We Appreciate You!

Posted: Friday, March 27, 2020

The Chamber appreciates all those in our community who have pulled together during this time of unexpected crisis. Our retail businesses are working around the clock to provide the necessary goods and services we need to go on with daily life. This includes those providing food through grocery stores, restaurants, meal ministries and more.

We thank them for their dedication to the citizens of Huntington. We are blessed by the leadership of our churches helping us to continue our worship services from the comfort of home. We are thankful for the preparations our health care professionals are making for those affected by the virus and other medical needs. The leadership roles that city and county officials have assumed during the pandemic is also noticed and appreciated.

Juli Johnson, president of Parkview Huntington Hospital (PHH), responded as to their preparedness, “Protecting the health and well-being of our community is the core of what we do at Parkview – every single day. Unquestionably, the COVID-19 pandemic is presenting our community with challenges that we’ve taken very seriously. As part of an integrated health system, PHH is able to tap into resources from across the region and is part of a coordinated response effort. Parkview is prepared to care for our patients – not only those with COVID-19, but also those with other emergent care needs as this situation evolves.”

She continued, “The organization, creativity and dedication of everyone, from system leaders to front-line caregivers, has been incredibly impressive! I’m so proud of Parkview, and of our PHH team. Co-workers have been rapidly adapting to countless changes needed for us to respond to patient needs while mitigating the spread of the virus and maintaining operations. Our PHH team continues to be flexible, compassionate and committed, and we’re so grateful for the expressions of support we’ve received from community members.”

Transportation is an essential part of the underlying support needed to carry on and we appreciate all those providing it, and the fuel for it all to work. Thank you to all those continuing on with city/county services necessary to survival – clean water, electricity, gas, trash pickup, mail service and more. Bless you great citizens of our great community for following the guidelines set out by our government leadership to keep us all safe, and your support of those businesses who are able to be open.

Barbra Sprinkle of the Brickhouse Grill expressed her appreciation, “I’ve never been more proud to be from and own a business in Huntington. We’ve been very blessed to have such great customers during all of this “new normal.” We are very thankful to be in a community that is showing so much love to one another. Stay strong we will get through this together.”

Huntington Mayor Richard Strick responded to our queries as to how the City of Huntington was responding to the pandemic with the following: “I’m proud of the initial response from the majority of Huntington residents. Watching neighbors support each other and local businesses is always inspiring and the goal of every mayor on typical days, let alone the extraordinary days we find ourselves facing. I would ask that everyone continue to be a stellar example of following public health directions and helping neighbors from a safe distance. The reality is that crises of this magnitude remind us all that none of us gets through life on our own and we need to help each face the challenges that come our way each day.”

The Mayor also explained, “City employees are stepping up to make sure our workforce stays healthy while we continue to provide services to Huntington residents. Communication is a challenge in the best of times but a crises forces all of us to be ‘gracious under pressure’ as Hemingway put it. I’m impressed at the creative adaptation city employees are demonstrating to troubleshoot new policies and procedures as we overhaul our operations to meet the needs of the moment as this public health emergency unfolds.”

I think the City of Huntington has done well so far by stepping up to the plate proactively to address the most immediate concerns and take necessary first steps, Mayor Strick said. “There is a bumpy road ahead for every city, state, and nation as we face this global pandemic. We’re going to continue learning and adapting to new information and challenges as we walk this road together. We don’t get to schedule crises but we can choose how we face them. I’m confident that City employees and the residents we serve are up for whatever challenges we encounter as long as we work together.”