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Wayne Metals honored by Caterpillar Inc.

Posted: Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wayne Metals, LLC, Markle, was honored in an awards ceremony on January 27 for providing excellent service to Caterpillar Inc., a manufacturer of heavy trucks and construction equipment. Wayne Metals produces structural parts for the metal bodies of Caterpillar products.

Caterpillar’s Bronze Certificate was awarded to Wayne Metals for the company’s record of delivery, quality, and pricing. By earning the Bronze Certificate, Wayne Metals is eligible to receive additional work from Caterpillar in the future.

Community leaders from Huntington and Wells counties were in attendance for the ceremony. Wayne Metals president and CEO Greg Myers told the group and assembled employees, “This is a really, really special day for us.” He called the award the first part of “a journey” that Wayne Metals will take in increasing its role as a Caterpillar supplier. He also said the Markle company will seek to improve its performance to earn subsequent awards.

Caterpillar representative Ken Baugh said, “This is one of those things we don’t get to do very often.” He continued, “Because of the changes already implemented at Wayne Metals, recertification should be a piece of cake every year.”

Wayne Metals opened in Fort Wayne in 1945 and moved to Markle in 1952. The company has been owned by Myers and Jerome Henry since early 2001. The company is a long-time supplier to Caterpillar with its role in supplying parts to Caterpillar increasing substantially since 2005.