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Wall opens Opera Block Market downtown

Posted: Friday, December 14, 2012

Justin Wall has opened the Opera Block Market at 45 E. Market Street in downtown Huntington. The new business is a basic convenience store with grocery items such as frozen foods, fresh foods, milk, eggs, pork, beef, produce and canned items.

Wall explained that the Opera Block Market will also be delivering groceries. He continued, “It will be a $50 minimum order and it will be city-wide.” Wall said that delivery hours will primarily be first shift and early evening. There will be no checks accepted for delivery – cash only.

The market came about partially from the results of a Ball State University study that was conducted in Huntington that expressed a need for a downtown convenience store. The name came from a large Opera House that was located above the block the store is located in.

Lesa Scott, Wall’s mother, explained that the former Opera House held 225 seats and was in operation in the late 1800s and early 1900s. She further commented that during its “heyday,” the lower level of the block held elite stores that drew wealthy customers and former President William Howard Taft spoke at the Opera House. The area was known as the Opera Block.

The Opera Block Market will be able to support the basic needs of people who live and work downtown, according to Wall. He is also planning to carry local products and wants to have 40 products made within 40 miles of Huntington. Some of those items include Glancy Popcorn, Parlor City Poultry Eggs, Breyers Ice Cream and more.

The Opera Block Market currently has hours seven days per week and soon will be open 24 hours per day, seven days per week. A grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting are planned for early January.

In the photo above, Justin Wall, owner of the Opera Block Market, stands with his wife Cynthia, his mother Lesa Scott and Opera Block Market employee Dawn Carter at the counter of the new business in downtown Huntington.