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Victory Noll to become independent non-profit

Posted: Friday, June 24, 2016

Fifteen years after it was established as a ministry of Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters, Victory Noll Center is set to move into the next step in its history by becoming a separate non-profit organization. The Center, located on the Victory Noll campus in Huntington, will retain close ties with the Sisters, and will mirror them in their mission and purpose.

Started in 2001, the Center offers a variety of programming and retreats designed as an outreach to individuals and groups. Their mission statement reflects their past and future, stating “To extend the charism and legacy of Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sister by inviting all people to discover their capacity for God’s Mission.” Sue Wilhelm has been director of Victory Noll Center since 2008.

“We are about formation of people in God’s Mission, through God’s mission to bring about the reign of God,” says Wilhelm. “This mission affects not only how we worship, but how we recognize Christ working in and among all people in every corner of the world — and we have a part in that work.  It extends even further; we are part of God’s whole creative plan in the universe, connected with all creation for the glory of God.  There is no part of our life that is disconnected from this.”

The process of becoming an independent non-profit has been in the works for the past couple of years, says Wilhelm. That has included gaining 501(c)(3) status and taking care of many other aspects, such as funding.

In addition to Wilhelm, the Center has two other full-time employees with Paula Goff, who serves a business manager, and Jenna Strick, who recently joined the staff as Social Justice Outreach & Development Coordinator. Victory Noll Sister Rose Zita Rosonke helps part time with volunteer programs and spiritual direction.

The Center has continued to grow over the years. In their first full year in 2002, the Center had approximately 1,000 people take part in programs. In the most recent programming season of 2014-15, Victory Noll Center welcomed more than 7,000 people through its doors.

Programming at Victory Noll Center includes a variety of opportunities. They offer personal formation programs, spiritual direction, daily and overnight retreats, and social justice events. They have brought in several nationally-known speakers and experts in a number of different fields.

A new website for the Center is located at, which features the many ongoing offerings as well as the most recent programming opportunities. The phone number for more information on the Center is (260) 356-0628, ext. 174.

As part of announcing their new status, the Center will host an “After Hours” event sponsored the Huntington County Chamber of Commerce from 4 to 6 p.m. on Thursday, July 21.