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VeinViewer to benefit PHH patients

Posted: Friday, December 6, 2013

Parkview Huntington Hospital recently adopted the VeinViewer® technology, an addition that will benefit both patients and hospital staff.

VeinViewer is the first and only medical device to use harmless near-infrared light and other technologies to project a real-time digital vein image directly onto the surface of the skin.  Health care professionals will be able to keep their hands free during procedures while the vein illuminator accurately maps the patient’s vessels regardless of age, body type or skin tone.

This technology provides a number of benefits to Parkview Huntington Hospital clinical staff and patients, from easing the process during a pediatric blood draw, to improving vascular access.  VeinViewer is clinically proven to reduce the number of attempts to start an IV and the time it takes to start an IV by 50 percent.

Three VeinViewer devices are currently used at Parkview Huntington Hospital, made possible by the generosity of the Parkview Huntington Foundation.

“Excellent patient care quality is our priority,” states Doug Selig, medication infusion unit and shift supervisor manager, Parkview Huntington Hospital.  “We see the integration of this technology as a win-win for our patients and the hospital.  With the VeinViewer, we are able to approach an IV or blood draw with a more informed decision, which reduces the number of needles sticks, and in turn enhances the quality of care.”

Shown in the photo are Doug Selig, left, medication infusion unit and shift supervisor manager at Parkview Huntington Hospital as he demonstrates the VeinViewer technology to Emergency Department Nurse, Ann Etter.