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Van Daele presents to HR Group on May 8

Posted: Friday, May 15, 2015

Carrie Van Daele, Van Daele & Associates was the guest speaker for the HR/Professional Development Group meeting on Friday, May 8. The meeting was held at Pathfinder Services, 2824 Theater Avenue.

Van Daele shared the 80/20 rule with those in attendance. Van Daele said, “80% of all company knowledge is ‘owned’ by 20% of the workforce.” She went on to ask the question: “If your workers were to retire, or move along to another position elsewhere, do you have a succession plan in place to fill the skills gap that you are about to experience? If not, you should begin to put one together and implement, as soon as possible.”

Her topic not only included the 80/20 rule, but she touched upon Skills, Knowledge and Abilities (SKA) and how to turn that information into an off balance sheet asset. Van Daele explained, “To succeed in the Information Age, you must maximize the value of intellectual capital or workforce knowledge. No longer do the richest people own mines, refineries, or factories, and yet they are worth tens of billions of dollars. Van Daele said, “Businesses can take the 20% of employees that lack the skills, train them to be able to do more with additional knowledge without increasing company expenses. Van Daele warned, “Be sure that your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are able to train the new hires and able to give them access to best practices. Just because the employee (SMEs) knows how to do a specific job, and has the skill, does not mean that the individual is able to train another employee.”

She challenged the HR Group to begin looking at the employees as an asset to your company. Van Daele said, “Most HR Groups focus 78 to 80% of their time on compensation and .5 to 1% on the HR budget. She asked, “What would happen if you spent some additional time on employee training, and how would increasing the employees knowledge increase the bottom line of a business?

Van Daele a published author has over 25 years’ experience in business. Her training company was founded in 1996. Van Daele authored a book called The Fifty-Best Training Techniques published by LogicalOperations. She is featured in several publications such as Women of Achievement and Business People Magazine.