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University launches $1.5 million mini-campaign

Posted: Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A mini-campaign to build a new Huntington University track and soccer field is well under way with $150,000 in donations from leaders at the university. During the past few years, the track and soccer programs have grown to include more than 125 student athletes, creating a need for updated facilities.

The mini-campaign was launched in early December as a subset of the $21 million Together: The Campaign for Huntington University, and received a strong kickoff with gifts from the university’s senior leaders, capital campaign committee members and trustees.

“It is our hope that this project will re-energize the Together campaign and move us closer to completing the remaining campaign goal of $9 million,” said Vincent Haupert, vice president for advancement.

In addition, Forester athletes will be conducting a Phonathon during the week of January 9 to draw support for the campaign. Donors may “buy” a meter of the track for $185 or a square yard of the soccer field for $70.

The mini-campaign to build a new track and soccer field is a part of the larger capital campaign to renovate Becker Hall; to build a new Studio Art Center; to expand the Merillat Physical Education and Recreation Complex (MPERC); and to grow the University Fund and endowment. Through the “Together” campaign, $1.5 million is planned for digital and visual arts, $9.5 million for the MPERC and $3 million for the University Fund. An additional $2 million is planned to increase the university’s current endowment and $5 million is planned for deferred giving commitments.

To learn more about Huntington University’s Track/Soccer Field mini-campaign or to become a partner in the project, contact Vincent Haupert at (260) 359-4089 or visit