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TWO-EE's Winery to be built near Roanoke

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

The proprietors of TWO-EE’s Winery, its board and community members broke ground Tuesday, August 9 for a 6,000-square-foot winery near Roanoke. The winery will be located at 6808 North U.S.-24 East with Eric Harris and his fiancée Emily Hart as proprietors.

A 2,000-square-foot tasting room, production facility along with a 2 acre vineyard, that can be viewed year around from the Four Seasons Room located within the winery, will all be part of TWO-EE’s Winery. The name was derived from the first initials of Eric Harris and his fiancée Emily Hart. The business will begin with a staff of ten employees and plans for future growth.

Harris is a winemaker and explained the desire of the couple for a winery, “Both of us have dreamed about offering wines that are artfully crafted and made from carefully selected grapes. Each wine has a story to tell of how the grapes were used and transformed into a wine that makes a statement.” He continued, “As we make every effort to produce and bottle delicious wines, our main focus will always be to provide an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for everyone that walks through our doors.”

The TWO-EE’s Winery grand opening is set for April of 2012 and Huntington County was chosen as the home of the winery as the couple dreamed about launching their vision in an area of the country where guests can not only appreciate the surroundings at the winery, but turn their visit to the area into an experience that they will talk about and want to share with a friend. Harris further explained that Huntington County and the town of Roanoke afford a serene environment and business profiles of the region compliment the destination experience.

According to Larry Satek, president of the Indiana Wine Grape Council, Indiana’s climate poses suitable conditions for production of high-quality juice, wine and table grapes. He said, “It’s great to see more wineries demonstrating the wine growing potential of northeast Indiana.

Construction of the winery is under the direction of CME Corporation and Hart is working closely with the design-builder to capture a “feeling and emotion” through the interior design of the tasting room. Hart will not only function as co-proprietor, but will be the director of marketing and tasting room manager. She said the goal of the business is to provide guests with an escape where they can relax and learn about new wines and enjoy the beauty of a rural setting. The TWO-EE’s tasting room is designed to be an inviting retreat to all who visit. Guests will leave with a greater understanding and appreciation for the art of wine production.

Dave Harris, the winery’s chairman, commented, “It is our intention to position TWO-EE’s Winery as a regional tourism destination. The tasting room will be embracing to all who wish to taste and admire the art of winemaking. The approach is to provide an inspired escape within the comforts of our own state and home of Indiana.”

Construction updates and images of the winery are available by visiting the TWO-EE’s website and social media links at www.twoees.com.