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Tri Kappa to fund requests through projects

Posted: Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tri Kappa generates money through its many projects such as Red Stocking Follies, the House Walk and flower and nut sales. These funds are then returned back to the community for specific needs.

Tri Kappa is interested in learning more about community organizations’ specific projects and programs that could be eligible to use these funds. The organization requesting funds is asked to describe in detail the need on its own letterhead and send the request to Tri Kappa. Included should be the dollar amount requested and the reason for the request. The details in the letter are used by Tri Kappa to determine how they may be of assistance.

Requests should be returned by March 30 to: Tri Kappa Community Needs, c/o Nicole Johnson, 2816 Theater Avenue, Huntington, IN 46750. Requests may also be emailed to: or

Requests will be summarized and put in the form of a ballot for Tri Kappa members to vote on. Not all requests can be funded and late requests will not be considered. Donations will be mailed to the chosen organizations in the month of June.

For questions contact Nicole Johnson at (260) 356-7247 or (260) 409-5532.