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Stuff-A-Truck successful again for the fourth year

Posted: Friday, November 18, 2016

For the fourth year in a row, Owen’s North, Star 106.9 FM, Giggabuggy and local citizens have joined forces to help feed hungry families in Huntington County. This year has been the best year yet. So far more than $6,500 worth of groceries have been collected for the Community Food Pantry at Love INC and Owen’s donated $1,000 worth of store credit to help purchase more.

Love INC could not do this event without the help of an army of volunteers, and an even larger body of people who purchased bags of food when they came to shop for their own family.

The bags contained staples that Love gives away in the food pantry like canned vegetables, peanut butter, noodles and canned meats. Love thanks the Huntington County community for supporting this event. For those who would like to participate, it is not too late. Bags of food for use at Love can still be purchased at Owen’s North.

The Community Food Pantry at Love INC feeds over 415 households each month. In addition to Stuff-A-Truck, Love receives the food distributed from churches, businesses and individuals who regularly collect food and household supplies for the pantry. Love volunteers also spend money each month purchasing perishable foods so that people receive balanced and healthy menus. About $2,500 is spent each month on food for Love’s pantry, but they want to do more. It is calculated that is would cost about $3,500 per month to meet all of the needs.