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Student Mentor Program provides support

Posted: Friday, June 7, 2013

Professional Programs is now offering a Student Mentor Program to meet the growing needs of students. This program, which started February 25, will provide academic support for students in the Professional Programs.

“We started the Student Mentor Program to provide additional support systems and positive experiences for our students,” said Deb Burton, professional programs coordinator. “We care about our student’s academic success and want to help them achieve their goals.”

The program currently consists of five mentors and 26 students. The mentors are high-achieving alumni that graduated from the degree program. Mentors are trained beforehand and required to check in with their assigned students regularly. All new students are assigned a mentor and any current student may request a mentor.

“They are passionate about adult learners and can relate to the challenges that our students face,” Burton said. “The mentors can encourage and offer support to our students, give them tips on how to manage their time and balance college, work and family successfully.”

“We believe this program will help greatly benefit those enrolled in the degree program,” Burton said. “We would like to see it continue on in the future.”