Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

Steinmetz' donate to the Sheets Wildlife Museum

Posted: Friday, August 7, 2015

Tom and Kathy Steinmetz were presented a plaque by Lauren Winterfeld, executive director of the Sheets Wildlife Museum, for their generous donation of many animals to the museum. A plaque was given by Joe Santa and TrophyCenter Plus.

The Steinmetz’ have traveled the world hunting animals for sport. Their travels have taken them throughout the United States to New Zealand and Africa. The exhibit was donated to the museum in October of 2014 with the exhibit opening in the spring of 2015. The Steinmetz’ had all of these animals in their former home in the country.

“Since I have retired from hunting, Kathy and I wanted to find a good home for the animals so people could appreciate their beauty,” said Tom. He went on to say that, “Since I am done hunting, I have given all my guns and equipment to my son.”

In all, the Steinmetz’ gave 17 different animals to the museum. Included in the exhibit are antelope and duiker from Africa; caribou and a red stag deer from New Zealand; an antelope from Wyoming; a buffalo, bobcat and mountain lion from Utah; elk from Colorado and a sharp-tail grouse from Nebraska. Also included were Mallard ducks from Lake Tippecanoe and a large mouth bass.

Shown in the photograph from left to right are Adam Wilson, intern, Sheets Wildlife Museum; Lauren Winterfeld, executive director, Sheets Wildlife Museum and Kathy and Tom Steinmetz.