Sunday, July 25th, 2021

State gives reopening road map for Indiana

Posted: Saturday, May 2, 2020


Here is the road map for reopening Indiana. It is a guideline and if the virus surges again could be paused or reverted back. The dates will be slightly different for Marion, Lake and Cass counties.

May 4 to May 10 – Stage 2

- Senior citizens and those with health conditions are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible. Masks are encouraged in public and social distancing and proper hygiene should continue.

- Retail and commercial businesses can operate at 50% capacity; indoor common areas at malls will be limited to 25%.

- Social gatherings, currently capped at 10 people, will be increased to 25 people.

- Essential travel restrictions will be lifted but people are still encouraged to work from home when possible.

- Manufacturers, industrial operations and other infrastructure that has been closed can reopen.

- Public libraries can reopen.

May 8 – Stage 2

- Churches around the state can hold in-person services as they are exempt from the social gathering limitations.

- Weddings, funerals and baptisms are also allowed.

- Specific guidance will be issued, including spacing seating out for social distancing, face coverings and more.

- Livestreams and remote services are still encouraged.

May 11 to May 23 – Stage 2

- Personal services such as hair and nail salons; barber shops and tattoo shops can open by appointment only. And they must meet social distancing guidelines and other restrictions.

- Restaurants and bars that serve food may reopen at 50% capacity but bar seating will be closed.

- Still closed or banned: bars and nightclubs; visitation in nursing homes; gyms and fitness centers; sporting events, fairs, festivals, parades, bowling alleys, zoos, pools, casinos, recreational fields and courts.

- All school buildings and grounds – public or private – will be closed through June 30.

May 24 to June 13 – Stage 3

- Social gathering limit will be increased from 25 people to 100 people.

- Gyms and fitness centers reopen with distanced equipment and limited class sizes.

- Playgrounds, sports fields and courts may open.

- Movie theaters can operate at half capacity; retail stores at 75% capacity.

- All social gathering are still closed, including fairs, festivals, parades, conventions, sporting events and concerts.

June 14 to July 3 – Stage 4

- Social gathering limit increased to 250 people.

- Senior citizens and those with known medical conditions should remain cautious at work and in their communities.

- Retail stores and malls at full capacity; restaurants at 75% capacity.

- Bars and nightclubs can open at half capacity.

- Entertainment and tourism venues such as zoos, museums and aquariums can open at half capacity.

- All recreational sports leagues and tournaments can resume.

- All social gathering are still closed, including fairs, festivals, parades, conventions, sporting events and concerts.

July 4 – Stage 5

- All social gathering limitations lifted, including for fairs, festivals, conventions, sporting events and concerts.

- Face coverings will be optional.