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State of Art Sleep Center housed at PHH

Posted: Friday, January 17, 2014

Vicki McElhaney is getting the best sleep of her life, and it’s thanks to the Parkview Huntington Hospital Sleep Center.  In the summer of 2013, her rheumatologist advised Vicki to have a sleep study done to test for sleep apnea.  Within a week, Vicki had scheduled her appointment and was preparing for a night in the sleep lab at Parkview Huntington Hospital.  When asked if she was nervous about the appointment, Vicki shared, “I was a little nervous at first, but the rooms are very nice and the technician who was working was also very nice, which calmed my nerves.”

Once the study was done, the results were sent to a pulmonologist who read the results, who shared the diagnosis with Vicki’s rheumatologist.  She had been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and was fitted for a CPAP machine.  “I didn’t realize I even had any trouble sleeping.  I wasn’t dreaming and now its 110% better.  Now I don’t have any daytime drowsiness or irritability.  My husband doesn’t even notice my CPAP machine at night.  It’s very quiet.”

Sleep apnea is marked by brief but repeated interruptions in breathing during sleep.  Lack of sleep causes daytime sleepiness, which can make it difficult to function at work and elsewhere. But lost sleep can also have an adverse effect on aging, diabetes, and blood pressure.  The CPAP machine (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) typically includes a face or nasal mask that pumps a flow of air into the nasal passages to keep the airway open.

Parkview Huntington Hospital’s sleep center is a state-of-the art facility; featuring two full-size beds, isolated, sound dampening rooms for a peaceful night’s sleep, HD television for entertainment, mood lighting for a soothing environment, monitored air flow system for comfort, supper plush chaise lounge for those who need to sleep sitting upright and one-to-one personal care.

When asked what the best part of undergoing the sleep study, Vicki says, “I feel better; have more energy, and a lot of my prior health issues are getting better.  I have a friend whose husband is having a sleep study done- he was having troubles too.  I told them to be sure to go to Parkview Huntington Hospital because their sleep center is so nice.”

Part of the funding for the center came through Parkview Huntington Foundation.

“The Foundation was pleased to play an important role in establishing the center,” said Foundation Director Mike Perkins. “Giving to the Foundation enabled us to help to bring a new service, featuring the latest technology, to patients in our area.”