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Sportsmobile sending van to Alaska

Posted: Friday, September 2, 2011

Sportsmobile, 250 Court Street, sent this 25 foot Freightliner van off to Seattle, Washington by truck earlier this week. It will then be shipped on to Alaska. The van was purchased by a customer living in Alaska that will be using the van for vacation travel and to drive to appointments. The van was customized by Sportsmobile with a TV/DVD player, satellite receiver, 7 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer, microwave oven, hot water heater, shower, toilet, sink and stove. The van was also customized with a dog pager in case her dog becomes too warm or cool. If the temperature reaches a certain temperature, she will be paged to return to her van and either warm the van or cool the van for her canine companion. The van has all cherry cabinets, a diesel heater and air conditioner, awning and backup camera.

Jim Friermood, vice president of Sportsmobile, said he is “Beginning to see lots of people from around the world placing orders with Sportsmobile right here in small town Huntington.” He believes the general population likes the smaller vehicle as opposed to the motor home. Friermood went on to say, “A motor home will get around eight miles per gallon where this van will get between 18 and 20. The larger motor home is harder to manipulate around some areas where the van is more easily navigable.” “This van took us a month to build and complete and cost $120,000,” said Friermood. Friermood concluded that, “if there is a recession going on out there, which I know there is, it certainly has not reached to the conversion van industry. Right now, we are booked through the month February 2012.”