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Sportsmobile customers gather in Huntington

Posted: Friday, September 20, 2019

A group of Sportsmobile clients from around the country gathered on Monday, September 16 for their annual reunion. Sportsmobile clients were camping at Ouabache State Park in Bluffton, Indiana, for an extended weekend, and came to Huntington for the gathering. Each year the group selects a place for their reunion and this year they chose Huntington.

The forty persons attending met at Sportsmobile, 250 Court Street, for a photo. Once the photo was completed, the group was treated to lunch at Pizza Junction and then toured and shopped around Huntington.

Jim Friermood, vice president of Sportsmobile, said “Those attending were from all over the country. Attending were people from Illinois, Wisconsin, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio and even Maryland.”

Ken McCathran, from Washington Grove, Maryland, said, “We’ve had our Sportsmobile vehicle for over fourteen years and the only place we will have it serviced is in Huntington.” According to McCathran, “The work is always done correctly the first time, and it gives us a chance to come to Huntington. We love your community.”

According to the Sportsmobile website, “Some Sportsmobile owners continue their adventure for years. Unlike larger motorhomes, a Sportsmobile is far more than just a luxury purchase for occasional use. It’s a practical investment for everyday transportation, weekend enjoyment and extended cross-country travel.” Their surveys show that almost all Sportsmobile owners use them as their first or second family car. City streets, back roads and mountains are all taken in stride. And they’re easy to park!

Sportsmobile is located at 250 Court Street in Huntington. There other two locations are in Austin, Texas and Fresno, California.

Shown in the photo are several people who had their vehicle equipped by the local Sportsmobile facility. Individuals came from Illinois, Wisconsin, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio and Maryland for their annual reunion. The group camped at Ouabache State Park in Bluffton. Shown in the photo are Jim Friermood, far left, and Mayor Brooks Fetters at right.