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Sportsmobile builds another monster van

Posted: Friday, May 30, 2014

Sportsmobile North, 250 Court Street, has built another “monster” of a truck. According to Jim Friermood, “The van will be used in the back woods of the state of Washington. The gentleman that bought the vehicle is going to use it for pleasure.”

The van, a 2014 Ford E-350, V-10, 1-ton van comes complete with refrigerator, bathroom, microwave oven and an inverter. The van is equipped with solar panels that will charge the batteries and operate the lighting system, including all the LED’s that have been installed by Sportsmobile.

The vehicle has an awning on the side for shade, ladders on both sides and an electric step-up that comes out from under the van when the door is opened. Under the van, there are compressors on the tires that will automatically inflate the tires when the pressure is low, and the front wheels have gas shocks to keep the van level when driving on uneven ground.

Friermood said, “The van will sleep four people, and we have put storage in every door, side walls, behind the seats and more. We built the cabinets, installed the LED switches and completely finished the interior including the carpet all at the Court Street location.”

Friermood went on to say, “The gentleman purchased the vehicle in North Carolina, drove it to Huntington to have it completely customized.” He continued, “The owner came to Huntington on Thursday, May 29 to pick up the more than $200,000 van and was planning to drive it back to Washington State.” The entire project took the team at Sportsmobile about a month to complete.