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Shoe Can Make a Difference with BBBS

Posted: Friday, July 17, 2015

Lace up and get on the good foot! Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Indiana is excited to announce its “Shoe Can Make a Difference” campaign will run until September 22, 2015 to raise awareness for the urgent need for mentors in our community and to recruit 300 adult mentors in 90 days.

On every Friday during the 90-day campaign, committee members, advocates, board and staff members will wear yellow t-shirts and bedazzled shoes to promote awareness of the campaign and to open up a dialogue about the urgent need for mentors. Each promoter will be given a “Big Brothers Big Sisters Recruitment Kit” consisting of a shirt, shoes, slogan buttons, conversation cards and ink pens to help advance the campaign and recruit volunteers.

Right now, there are over 500 children on the waitlist to be matched with a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters, and an additional 300 waiting to get on that waitlist. Big Brother Big Sisters have an urgent need for volunteers and need your help! The goal for Huntington County is to secure 50 volunteer inquiries by the end of the 90-day campaign.

Big Brothers Big Sisters need you in order to achieve this goal and to help children in Huntington County step on the path to success. Sign up to be a volunteer today and discover the BIG difference that you can make on a child’s life. Be a champion for change in your community … start something BIG today with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Volunteer. Refer a friend. Get involved today! Give Big Brothers Big Sisters a call at (888) 456-1600 or visit to discover how “Shoe” can make a BIG difference in your community!