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Sheriff wants to educate community on drugs

Posted: Friday, March 2, 2012

Huntington County Sheriff Terry Stoffel knows synthetic drugs are a problem in Huntington County. He sees it firsthand at the Huntington County jail and through those he encounters who are high on these products.

A community meeting has also been scheduled by Stoffel with education as the key to making a “dent” in the problem. The community is invited to the Huntington North High School auditorium on Tuesday, March 13 at 7 p.m. He hopes to get the “message out” and let parents and others know what is going on.

The synthetic drugs are derived from all legal products such as bath salts, spice, K-2, incense, jewelry cleaner and pipe cleaners, and all are sold in some Huntington County stores. Stoffel along with local and state leaders are working to educate the public with meetings such as the one on March 13 on the dangers of these items – not only jail or prison, but death.

Stoffel said the products are poison and he wants parents, and others to know that a package marked “incense” may not actually contain materials for aromatherapy. He went on to explain that kids think that if they are able to purchase these items at a convenience store, they aren’t bad for you, but they are wrong. Synthetic drugs cause paranoia, seizures, mood swings, violent behavior, sleeplessness, hallucinations, liver failure, cardiac arrest and make people do very erratic things.

Stoffel and local law enforcement officials explained the extreme situation present in Huntington County in meetings with 140 religious leaders from churches throughout the county on February 22 and 23. He believes religious leaders are where people turn when they are in “times of trouble.” Stoffel hopes that these leaders will also encourage their congregations to get involved and attend the community meeting.