Friday, February 26th, 2021

Schwan's to help bring back ice cream social

Posted: Friday, January 16, 2015

Schwan’s Cares uses online shopping to eliminate the hassle of money handling and product distribution. Supporters can choose from over 350 high quality, delicious food options. To order go to enter the code 16288 at checkout and a percentage of your purchase will be donated to Heritage Days toward the purchase of ice cream.

Schwan’s, a well-known frozen food distributor in our community, wants to help revive a well-loved tradition in Huntington. When Breyers Ice Cream left Huntington in July 2013, the traditional Heritage Days Ice Cream Social was discontinued for lack of an ice cream contributor. A local group was willing to work the ice cream social, but were unable to find a company willing to donate the ice cream, thus the free, family event was lost to the community.

Matt Paul of Schwan’s has contacted the Chamber with a new idea that would benefit Heritage Days through community fundraising that would help to supply the ice cream for the traditional Heritage Days Ice Cream Social. Paul explained that Schwan’s has a program called Schwan’s Cares.

Schwan’s Cares raises funds by utilizing community members who already purchase Schwan’s products. The program works by distributing a code to every Chamber member, their employees, friends, family and anyone willing to participate. Each individual willing to participate will have the same code, which is a code assigned to the Huntington County Chamber of Commerce as an ID number for the fundraising account.

Individuals using the code will place their Schwan’s orders online and enter the code at checkout. There is no cost to the customer, the code just identifies where a certain percentage of the money being spent on the current order will be applied to the Chamber’s fundraising effort.

The fundraising is good for one year. During the first 120 days, those who enter the assigned code with their Schwan’s order will automatically send 20 percent of their purchase price to the Chamber’s fundraising account. In the following months, 5 percent will go into the fundraising account.