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Schroeder's and Wheels to give away a car

Posted: Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Wheels to Prosper initiative was started by auto shop owners striving to change the reputation and quality of service in the automotive repair industry. And by helping those in need, the group hopes to make a positive difference in our community as well.

Schroeder’s Automotive is part of the national car giveaway affiliated with the Wheels to Prosper. The local business is looking for deserving people in our community for this giveaway. Schroeder’s will be holding the giveaway on Saturday, August 15 at the Huntington North High School Vocational Center located at 2201 N. Jefferson Street.

Schroeder’s Automotive wants the community to nominate a person commendable of a car. In order to assist them in finding the right people, details about the person, their needs and a small story should be provided to Schroeder’s. Tell in the story what distinguishes these people as major contributors to the community, their family or friends.

Schroeder’s Automotive will find the car and will make sure that the car is in good running order. Insurance Services will also add one year’s insurance coverage for the vehicle. For questions call (260) 356-0397 or email at All correspondences need to be sent to Schroeder’s Automotive Specialists, Attn.: Wheels to Prosper, 1001 W. Park Drive, Huntington, IN 46750.