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Santa, barred owl visits Metro Kiwanis club

Posted: Friday, December 20, 2013

Huntington Metro Kiwanis held their annual Christmas party on Monday, December 16. The club hosted the party for young children.

The evening festivities began with Metro Kiwanis members greeting and visiting with the children. The children were then treated to a specially prepared dinner by Santa’s little helpers. After the meal, the children were visited by Teresa Rody (shown in photo at left) of the DNR and a barred owl that had been injured. Rody spoke about the barred owl being a predator bird and the unlawfulness of keeping a bird of this type even if it is injured. She went on to discuss the type of food they eat. She concluded with some other facts of interest about the barred owl and also answered questions.

Steve Williams led the singing of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Santa Claus is coming to town with the children and Metro Kiwanis members. As the song Santa Claus is coming to town was being sung, Santa arrived saying Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas. Santa wished a Merry Christmas to all the children and Metro Kiwanis members. Santa then had each child sit on his lap to have their picture taken and then gave each child a special present just for them. The children were also provided fruit baskets that were given by the Chief LaFontaine Saddle Club and a Christmas blanket that had their name monogrammed on it by Huntington Metro Kiwanis member Rita Dinius.

Huntington Metro Kiwanis members have been out ringing the bells for the Salvation Army to help them raise funds for their Christmas goal for local families. Metro Kiwanis wants to thank Santa for visiting and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.