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Sanders, Ivy Tech, U.W. team up for The LC

Posted: Friday, July 29, 2016

The United Way of Huntington County accepted a check for a total of $900 to support the implementation of the Huntington County Community Learning Center (“The LC”). The donation was a collaborative effort among community member Marshall Sanders, Huntington County Community Foundation and Ivy Tech Northeast.

Sanders led the effort by awarding a $100 Kudos Grant to The LC on behalf of the board of directors of the Huntington County Community Foundation. Director of Accounting Matt Ditzler shared that the purpose behind the Kudos grants were to support local businesses and non-profits with surprise grant dollars based on individual board members wanting to recognize the great work of that particular organization.

Sanders then doubled his matching gift by providing $100 of his own money to support The LC. Ivy Tech Northeast Director of Community Engagement, Lisa Smith, then added another $250 to the existing dollars to help The LC increase marketing exposure for the next year. In collaboration with Smith and Sanders, The United Way of Huntington County was able to take the total of $450 and match dollar for dollar with the UnitedIN16 grant to make the gift a total of $900.

“This donation allows us to promote The LC and our first semester of classes in a way we simply could not have without it,” said Tiffanney Drummond, Director of Career and Technical Education and the Learning Center. “We are so grateful for this contribution, and excited to see our classes advertised as a result of it.”

The LC is a collaborative effort of the entire Huntington community, and Drummond shared this is yet another example. “This gift symbolizes all that truly is the concept behind ‘The LC’,” Drummond said. “As part of the United Way matching grant, Sanders and Smith were able to collaborate to make dollars go farther with their collaboration and planning. This is a testament to the work of our community about working together to help support the quality of life for all in Huntington County.”

The UnitedIN16 grant focuses on three key areas: Birth-to-five engagement, implementation of KinderKamp in our elementary schools and the marketing and promotion of The LC. The LC is set to have a dedication and Chamber After Hours on September 15 from 4 to 6 p.m. at 2201 N. Jefferson Street. A ribbon cutting will be held at 4:15 p.m.

Shown in the photo from left to right are Marshall Sanders, community member and board member of the Huntington County Community Foundation; Tiffanney Drummond, Director of Career and Technical Education at the Learning Center; Steve Kimmel, chair of the Learning Center Advisory Council; Lisa Smith, Ivy Tech Northeast Director of Community Engagement and Dr. Adam Drummond, president & CEO United Way of Huntington County.