Thursday, July 29th, 2021

Resilient Supply Chain free webinar, March 3

Posted: Friday, February 19, 2021

Join the NIIC on Wednesday, March 3, 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., for a Livestream Lunch ’n Learn to discuss how to Build a Resilient Supply Chain. Supply Chain experts Matthew Caito and Dr. Janaina Siegler from the Butler Lacey School of Business will lead the discussion. Register here.

“Many businesses are seeking answers about ways to prevent some of the challenges faced during COVID-19 Pandemic from happening again. The NIIC Women’s Business Center EmPWR program engaged experts to lead this lunchtime discussion and to develop a new NIIC Navigator® Online Learning Toolset course focused on Supply Chain Resilience,” said Sarah Lance, EmPWR program manager. The NIIC Navigator® content is available through the NIIC.

The Livestream discussion will include managerial perspectives for supply chain leadership, with particular attention given to preparation and resilience. Practical tools and techniques will be provided for handling supply chain risks, disruptions and recovery in today’s dynamic environment.

While all companies operate within a supply chain of one sort or another, not all companies think about what makes their role in a supply chain unique to them. Understanding what is unique to a company will help managers consider what is important to their supply chains.

Matthew Caito is the Faculty Instructor – Operations and Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics and Data Modeling. He works closely with undergraduate and graduate students to help develop the leadership and business skills needed for success in today’s competitive operating climate. In addition to his work at the university, Caito is passionate about helping established entrepreneurs and leaders develop their organizations. Working closely with the NIIC and supporting its mission has proven to be a good fit for Caito, and is an additional opportunity to share training and more resources with innovative companies throughout Indiana.

When asked about NIIC’s EmPWR Program, Caito said, “It’s a responsibility and privilege to work together to build solid home-grown Hoosier businesses. The innovation and resilience shown by our state’s entrepreneurs and their willingness to work hard together to achieve meaningful goals make stronger communities for our children and us.”

Dr. Janaina (Jane) Siegler, PhD., Assistant Professor Operations and Supply Chain Management, said, “I have been an entrepreneur myself for many years before coming to academia. I have some great memories and some very challenging ones, which I chose to address through the EmPWR Program supply chain content. One, as it relates to the knowledge and ability to efficiently manage our inventories and all the costs related to them. And the second is about the importance of understanding our environment, our suppliers, and how our relationship with them can strategically help us or hinder our business development and growth.”

Learn more or register here.