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Rehab and Wellness Center named for Holly Sale

Posted: Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Parkview Huntington Hospital held a groundbreaking ceremony on the Parkview Huntington Hospital campus on Friday, November 17. Parkview hospital officials launched the construction project that will expand the facility’s Rehab and Wellness Center and create a wound clinic. They also announced a new name for the expanded center: the Holly D. Sale Rehabilitation and Wellness Center.

The name honors the center’s long-time director, Holly Sale, who passed away unexpectedly in June. She had just completed the process of working with the architect to design the expansion.

“Holly brought all of her 39 years of experience in physical therapy and her management skills and personal instincts to this project,” said Juli Johnson, president, Parkview Huntington Hospital, in a tribute at the groundbreaking event. “This was her dream.” “Holly was in her element as she coaxed this design closer and closer to its final form. Throwing herself into projects with other people’s needs in mind was a source of joy for her. Finding new ways to help people be healthier, happier and live fuller lives was what motivated her to get up in the morning.”

Under Sale’s direction, the center had grown to include a broad range of therapies for adults and children – including physical, occupational and speech therapies – plus cardiac and pulmonary rehab, diabetic/dietary consultation, the Adult Fitness Center and wellness services such as smoking cessation. Expansion to provide space for specialized therapy gyms, for pediatric patients with cognitive and developmental issues, along with increased wellness programming, had been on her wish list.

Sale was well-known in the Huntington and Warren communities for her energy, optimism, civic involvement and concern for others, especially people in need.

“Holly loved brightening the day for others,” said Johnson. “She had a huge, generous heart. She was an active leader in too many organizations to count. She happily invested her time, effort and resources in giving others a hand and paving a path for their success. This remarkable woman I am so proud to have known touched countless lives as leader, committee member, co-worker, resource, mentor, neighbor and friend. Her handprints are all over this project. It will offer a healing touch in so many people’s lives just as she did.”

Construction on the expansion project will begin this month, and is anticipated to be complete early in 2019.