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Regional Cities Initiative approved by RDA

Posted: Friday, August 28, 2015

The Northeast Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA) approved The Road to One Million Plan on Tuesday, August 25. The approval marked the final step in the state’s Regional Cities Initiative application process.

The five members of the RDA board that approved the plan are Brad Bishop of OrthoWorx, Andrew Briggs of Bank of Geneva, Gene Donaghy of Northeastern REMC, Bob Marshall of Campbell & Fetter Bank and Jeff Turner of Metal Technologies.

The plan was then submitted to the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) during The Road to One Million Premiere event held by the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership and Greater Fort Wayne, Inc. following the public board meeting.

“The Road to One Million” is the rallying cry for Northeast Indiana to reach one million residents, and the focus of Northeast Indiana’s Regional Cities plan. Currently, Northeast Indiana’s population is growing at a rate of .7 percent. To attract talent and compete globally, Northeast Indiana must accelerate population growth to match benchmarked communities across the United States that is growing around 2 percent.

During The Road to One Million Premiere event, the community was able to see a presentation of the application which highlighted 38 projects and $400 million in investments slated for the first two-years of the plan.

“As we move forward with The Road to One Million Plan, the focus of our board will be to advance projects that have regional impact on quality of life,” said RDA board chairman Jeff Turner of Metal Technologies. “We are committed to collaboration, setting aside any local concerns in favor of what is best for Northeast Indiana.”

The full plan draws from hundreds of existing community plans, focus groups in each county and interviews with stakeholders, walking tours and planned private sector investments. The full portfolio of $1.4 billion in investments features 70 projects including phase 1 projects (years 1 and 2); longer term projects (years 3-8 implementation); and ideas for projects beyond the state’s initial 8-year timeframe.

“I commend each and every one of our partner counties on the time they invested in pursuing the Regional Cities Initiative. Our region’s willingness to collaborate and adapt allows us to take advantage of unique opportunities like applying for the Regional Cities funding,” said John Sampson, president and CEO of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership. “I am truly inspired by the ingenuity and determination I have witnessed, and I look forward to working together to make Northeast Indiana a top destination for talent.”

The Regional Cities Initiative is a public-private partnership proposed and led by Governor Mike Pence with support from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC). The goal of the Regional Cities Initiative is to make Indiana a magnet for talent by creating a national identity for Indiana cities. Regions are competing for up to $42 million in state matching funds by submitting proposals with a slate of gameā€changing, quality of life projects amenities and attractions that will attract and retain young talent.

To find out more about the Regional Cities Initiative, read the full Road to One Million Plan or watch the highlight video, go to