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Reber named Boys & Girls Clubs executive of year

Posted: Friday, October 31, 2014

Mandy Reber, executive director of the Parkview Boys & Girls Club of Huntington County, was presented with the award of 2014 Executive of the Year by The Professional Association at the Midwest Leadership Conference of Boys & Girls Clubs. The awards ceremony was held in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday, October 16.

According to the Professional Association of Midwest Leadership, “Reber is very mission-driven, and it shows in all aspects of her organization. When she has started at the Club in 2006, she saw the need to provide a hot meal, educational support and a fun and safe environment for the youth of Huntington County. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that all of these needs are being met. She has developed a strong relationship with the Huntington County School Corporation by inviting an elementary principal, the middle school principal, and the superintendent of schools to serve on her board. She has worked with the schools to provide transportation to the Club every day after school for nine of the 10 county schools.”

The organization went on to say, “Reber has created a strong Club program and put strong staff in place to support the program. Though she initially came into an unstable situation when she first started at the Club, Reber has worked hard to attain grants and community support to create a financially stable organization. In the nine years since starting at the Huntington County Club, both the budget and average daily attendance have quadrupled, and an Extension Site has been created in Warren.”