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Police to launch Police Academy August 29

Posted: Friday, June 8, 2018

The Huntington Police Department in collaboration with the Huntington University Police Department is pleased to announce the first Citizens’ Police Academy that will begin on Wednesday, August 29. The eight classes will be held at Huntington University every Wednesday from 6 to 9 p.m. with graduation ceremonies held on Wednesday, October 17. Once the participants finish the courses, they will receive a certificate of completion.

According to Captain Chris McCutcheon, “We want these classes to be very interactive with the citizens of the community. If they have questions or concerns, we want to hear from them. We also need to know what those interested in the classes would like to learn. If we don’t know what they want to learn, the classes will not be as fulfilling as we would like.” He continued, “This is our first class, so we are not sure what all participants might want included, but our hope is that as we continue in future years, we will fine-tune the classes to what the participants want and the academy will continue to grow and expand.”

“Our goal is to build better relationships within the community and let the community better understand the role of the police officer. We plan to put students in mock scenarios where they are asked to make snap decisions the same as the officer. I don’t think people understand how quickly some decisions must be made,” said Chad Hacker, Chief of Police. Hacker went on to say, “There may be people that do not feel comfortable opening up in class, but would like to speak with an officer/instructor privately. That can also be arranged.”

Hacker and McCutcheon both agree, “We would like to see students from industry, to include supervisors, safety personnel or HR directors. We think this class would be good for bank employees, those keeping churches safe, small business owners or about anyone that wants to know more about police work.”

The Citizens’ Police Academy is designed to educate citizens about the operation, methods and goals of the police department so that communication and understanding between the community and police are enhanced. This is a unique opportunity to hear from Chief of Police, Chad Hacker, and many other officers within the Huntington Police Department as they instruct the participants in many areas of law enforcement.

Instructors will be teaching many different subjects throughout the eight week program. Topics include: Criminal Code, Domestic Violence, Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), Vehicle Stops, Use of Force and Firearms Training. This course will be interactive and will allow citizens to be the police officers in mock scenarios. Each citizen that completes the required course work will be provided the opportunity to ride with a police officer in a patrol assignment prior to graduation. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how the Huntington Police Department serves our community.

Interested citizens must be a senior in high school or older and may obtain an application for attendance at the Huntington Police Department. Applications can also be found by clicking here. Completed applications should be returned to the Huntington Police Department no later than July 20 in order to be considered for participation. Class size is limited, so if you are interested, get your application in soon.

Any questions can be directed to Captain Chris McCutcheon at (260) 356-1400 ext. 2013 or or office manager Kayla Butche at (260) 358-2308 or