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Piecemakers complete HC Bicentennial quilt

Posted: Friday, September 9, 2016

The Piecemakers Quilt Club of Huntington County has created a quilt in celebration of the Indiana State Bicentennial. The quilt was specially designed to represent the 12 townships in Huntington County.

The club was asked by the Historic Forks of the Wabash to design the quilt. Mark Swing suggested that the quilt blocks be laid out like the townships are positioned in the county. Jan Mathias did the research for the history and artifacts that the club pulled from to create the individual township blocks. Her information was the starting point for the club’s creativity, according to Kathleen Scribner, president of the Piecemakers Quilt Club.

The general layout of the local Bicentennial quilt was completed on a computer. Scribner prepared the 12 township block backgrounds for the members of the quilt club to create their history on. The wording for the quilt was also made on Scribner’s computer, transferred to fabric and hand embroidered. The wording includes township names and dates.

Sixteen Piecemakers Quilt Club members were a part of making the quilt. Each quilting volunteer took a township block for completion. An additional committee sewed the blocks together, appliqued stars on it and Suzanne Bryant, a professional quilter, completed the long arm quilting.

The center of the quilt was created by Lesa Scott on her embroidery machine and it is the Huntington County Courthouse. She also made the Bicentennial Emblem and the scroll that the members of the quilt club’s names were embroidered on. Dee Swing machine embroidered the names on the scroll.

Scribner said the results surpassed her expectations and she was “so delighted!”

For more information about the quilt, contact Scribner at katscribner3@gmail.com or call at (260) 224-2556.