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PHH partners keeps focus on healthy goals

Posted: Friday, February 8, 2019

Submitted by: Parkview Huntington Hospital

Shaping a healthier community is a long-term pursuit that requires strategic thinking, collaboration on many fronts and funding for programs that make a real impact on individual lives. It means taking on big, entrenched issues and partnerships across many organizations are often required to move the needle.

For years, Parkview Huntington Hospital (PHH) has partnered with local nonprofits, schools, government and other groups in support of programs and initiatives that help equip individuals with life skills and resources for themselves so they can contribute positively to the broader life of the community. One of the forms that partnership takes is providing Community Health Improvement funding, and PHH leaders have announced the recipients of 2019 grants in the hospital’s annual funding process.

Many of the funded programs continue PHH’s focus on reducing the negative effects of addiction through prevention. The two newest recipients, Youth for Christ, USA, Inc., and the Harold W. McMillen Center for Health Education, will both provide programming to engage Huntington County children and teens with effective lessons about forming healthy habits early.

“We’re pleased to have these two organizations join the ranks of our funded partners,” said Juli Johnson, president, PHH. “Each has a proven track record in the region for reaching young people effectively and helping them become emotionally and physically healthier adults. And many of our returning partners continue to do a great job providing resources and services that help children, adults and families escape, recover from, or avoid altogether the destructive influences of addiction and obesity, two public health issues that continue to need ongoing attention based on our most recent community needs assessment. Other partners provide fundamental services, such as housing or transportation.”

Recipients, and the program focus of each, include: Blessings in a Backpack of Huntington County, Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana, Cancer Services of Huntington, Harold W. McMillen Center for Health Education, Huntington County Council on Aging, Huntington County Health & Wellness Coalition, Huntington House Emergency Shelter, Love INC of Huntington County, Parkview Boys & Girls Club of Huntington County, Parkview Huntington Family YMCA, Pathfinder Services, Inc., Place of Grace, Youth for Christ, USA, Inc., Youth Services Bureau of Huntington County and The Community Health Improvement Program is funded by Parkview Huntington Hospital as a contribution from the hospital’s net income.

“This is part of our mission as the community’s not-for-profit hospital, reinvesting money in the organizations and programs that are helping people thrive,” said Johnson. “Huntington County is our home, and the people we serve are our friends and neighbors. When people are struggling, it affects all of us. Working together is how we find solutions that make a lasting difference.”

Community partners submit grant applications in the fall. Funding priorities are established based on periodic community needs assessments. For more information on the grant process, contact Sonya Foraker, finance manager, PHH, at (260) 355-3340 or

Juli Johnson, president, Parkview Huntington Hospital, second row, standing, far left, congratulates representatives of local organizations for receiving Community Health Improvement funding for 2019. Joining her are, front row, from left, Holly Saunders, Huntington County Council on Aging; Stacey Stumpf, Cancer Services of Allen County; Johnson, PHH; Nicole Fairchild, Harold W. McMillen Center for Health Education; Ashley Allen, Parkview Boys & Girls Club of Huntington County and Logan Patterson, Love INC of Huntington County. Second row, standing, second from left, Ira Bencun, Youth Services Bureau; Hannah Smith and Autumn Anderson, Blessings in a Backpack; Mike Stetzel, Youth for Christ; Holly Tester and Sherry Eckert, Blessings in a Backpack; Roger Vezeau, Youth for Christ; Sharon Metzger, Place of Grace; Elizabeth Hire and Carrie Blackham, Pathfinder Kids Kampus; Kyle Metzger, Huntington County Health & Wellness Coalition; Todd Latta, Parkview Huntington Family YMCA and Rosella Stouder, Huntington House.