Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Pflieger will answer questions about the vaccines

Posted: Friday, April 23, 2021

Governor Eric Holcomb announced at the end of March that he would be dropping the state COVID-19 restrictions and mask mandate starting April 6. The mandate was lifted because the governor felt since nearly one million Hoosier have been vaccinated, the state has the capacity to care for anyone who would get sick.

Shortly after the announcement, the Chamber of Commerce began receiving calls from local businesses wanting to know exactly what “lifting the mandate” meant. Others called the office with questions about the three vaccines, the differences, and which was supposed to be the better of the three.

Since we did not have answers to those questions, we asked Dr. Matt Pflieger, co-owner of Cardinal Family Medicine and Huntington County Health Officer, if he would be interested in holding a virtual meeting to answer the questions. Dr. Pflieger agreed, and the meeting was held on March 31, where several of the questions were answered by Dr. Pflieger.

Dr. Pflieger said that knowing many other local employers and employees have similar questions and concerns, he is available to come to your place of business for a conversation about the vaccines’ development, safety and effectiveness. If you are interested in scheduling a COVID-19 Vaccine Q&A Session for a group of your workers, please contact the Huntington County Health Department at (260) 358-4831.