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Perkins named Chief of the Flint Springs Tribe

Posted: Friday, June 17, 2016

The 48th Annual Chief of the Flint Springs Tribe Breakfast was held Thursday morning, June 16 at the Historic Forks of the Wabash with 122 people in attendance. Mike Perkins was named the 2016 Chief of the Flint Springs Tribe in recognition of his contributions to Huntington County.

Ruth Marsh, 2015 Chief of the Flint Springs Tribe, introduced Perkins and presented him with the traditional Chief of the Flint Springs Tribe plaque holding the traditional chief design. He was touched emotionally as he reflected on the design.

“Years ago, my dad was asked to come up with an idea and a friend of his, an artist friend of his in Indianapolis named Bill Steinberg, developed this, this chiefs’ face,” said Perkins.

Marsh recognized Perkins for his many contributions to the community, and that he has been a role model for all who know him. Perkins is currently the director of the Parkview Huntington Foundation and was formerly the editor of The Herald-Press. Marsh also named his many facets of service to various organizations, groups and his church. She introduced him as the 48th Chief of the Flint Springs Tribe.

Thanking his family and friends, Perkins said, “I’ve been blessed to know so many great people at The Herald-Press and wonderful people at the wonderful hospital in our community. This is a blessing, but this is just one among many that I’ve had in this community.”

Shown in the photo at left is Ruth Marsh, left, 2015 Chief of the Flint Springs Tribe, as she congratulates the 2016 Chief, Mike Perkins. The right photo shows Mike Perkins, emcee of the breakfast, representing Donald Trump and his opinions about Huntington. The Chamber sends our congratulations to the new Chief Mike Perkins, a well-deserved honor in recognition of all of his contributions to the community.