Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

Pathfinder Services receives $75,000 grant

Posted: Friday, February 5, 2021

Pathfinder Services has been awarded a $75,000 Vantage Grant from AWS Foundation to identify and explore significant barriers the organization faces, and develop a path to solutions to those barriers. The goal is to transform service to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities served by Pathfinder Services.

AWS Foundation CEO Patti Hays announced to leaders of six area disability service providers that each one is receiving a $75,000 grant for a total of $450,000 to the recipients.

“We are beyond grateful for these funds because they will allow us to focus on the quality of our services to continue to improve both the lives of the individuals we support and our employees,” said Danielle Tips, president and CEO of Pathfinder Services. “The grant gives us an opportunity to explore new and unique ways of providing services.”

Hays said the Vantage Grants will allow these six disability service providers the time and tools to research how to transform their operations.

Pathfinder Services and the five other organizations that received the awards will have six months to work on finding solutions to their barriers and then submit a final proposal to AWS Foundation. At that time, AWS Foundation will consider granting additional funding to implement the proposed plans.

AWS Foundation is an agency with a mission and vision that aligns directly with the mission and vision of Pathfinder Services.

The mission of AWS Foundation is to help children and adults with enduring intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities live as independently as possible, be included in the community, and function at their highest potential. The vision of AWS Foundation is a community in which people with enduring intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities are engaged fully and meaningfully in all aspects of community life.

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