Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Pathfinder partners with Fusion Chemical

Posted: Friday, June 26, 2020

The need for hand sanitizer during COVID-19 has led to a new partnership between Pathfinder Services OutSource Manufacturing division and Fusion Chemical.

Fusion Chemical, a metalworking fluids manufacturer located at 99 E. Joe Street in Huntington, adjusted their business model when COVID-19 hit to also make hand sanitizer. They searched for local companies to help bottle and label the product.

Pathfinder Services Outsource Manufacturing (OSM) provides revenue generation for people with physical and developmental disabilities through employment at their facility to do work for other businesses.

Fusion Chemical owners Matt East and Karl Kuchta contacted OutSource Manufacturing Sales and Operation coordinator Mike Overholser on Friday, May 29 about a job with a quick turnaround time. They needed 10,000 bottles filled and labeled by Thursday, June 4, and another 5,000 bottles filled and labeled soon after.

“We were thrilled when they reached out to us because we had not worked with them before,” says Overholser. “We got the product on Tuesday, the labels on Wednesday, and had 10,000 bottles on the truck ready to go on Thursday!”

Employees were able to finish and deliver the other 5,000 on Friday, June 5.

“Karl and I both have family and friends with physical and developmental disabilities so we were very happy to begin working with Pathfinder Services,” says East. “The quality and speed of the work done certainly shows no disability. We all win!”

The owners of Fusion Chemical were so happy with the work done by OSM that they asked for a quote on another job and awarded it to OSM.

“I think this is just the beginning of a great new partnership between Pathfinder Services and Fusion Chemical,” says Overholser. “I look forward to what our business future holds.”