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Pathfinder launches ControlAbility

Posted: Friday, May 13, 2011

Pathfinder Services, a comprehensive human and community development organization is launching a new personal hair care product line called Pathfinder ControlAbility. Because destiny of great hair and great people are ControlAble. Pathfinder ControlAbility offers biodegradable premium personal care products.

"We believe that employment for those we serve is paramount."  says Loretta Mottram, senior director of business development for Pathfinder Services.  "We have partnered with a California based wellness organization that is enabling us the opportunity to create jobs and a wonderful personal care product line at the same time.  Our technology utilizes natural, organic, bio-degradable ingredients in recycled packaging to be as eco-friendly as possible,” Mottram added.

The products include:

ControlAbility Moisturizing Shampoo which revitalizes color, rebalances moisture, and refreshes aged hair to regain ControlAbility. The shampoo gently cleanses hair and scalp, regenerates stressed hair, has a anti-static formula, rich source of vitamins leaving your hair texture smooth and full of body, and creates silky hair from any starting point.

ControlAbility Moisturizing Conditioner which rehydrates hair, replenishes shine, restores manage ability to regain ControlAbility. The conditioner helps rebuild hair structure inside and out, resulting in a smooth, silky finish, helps restore ManageAbility, adds CombAbility reducing damage to the hair shaft, helps control hydration and maintain balance to hair and scalp, and promotes healthier hair with structural integrity.

ControlAbility Moisturizing Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer which revives skin, reinforces well-being, regenerates moisture, and regains ControlAbility. This product allows for dual use.  It not only an antibacterial for the skin but also provides a moisturizing aloe experience at the same time.

The ControlAbility collections embraces the Pathfinder Services mission of providing opportunities to grow and support services that contribute to the community at large. We are providing a buy one give one campaign allowing everyone to experience the difference these products can make personally while embracing the mission of our organization while giving the same experience to someone in your community.  Simply call or fax in your order for 1 - 9 oz. Moisturizing Shampoo and 1 - 9 oz. Moisturizing Conditioner at full retail price, along with your shipping address and we will ship your products to you  If you wish to have your gift products shipped to a friend, client, neighbor, relative etc.... you will simply pay for shipping and the gift is on Pathfinder ControlAbility.

The 9 oz. products retail for only $5.99 each.  Larger sizes are available and travel sizes are perfect for a trip to grandmas, to the gym or for family getaways.

For additional information contact Loretta Mottram with ControlAbility at (260) 355-2505 or (877) 591-0231. You can also e-mail Loretta at  You can make a difference, help us take CONTROL! Please visit for more information and an order form for ControlAbility.