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Pathfinder employees participate in conference

Posted: Friday, December 21, 2012

Pathfinder Services sent a team of employees to Washington, D.C. to gain insight and skills to help develop community efforts within the Pathfinder Community Connections division. The conference was sponsored by NeighborWorks America, which is one of the country’s preeminent leaders in affordable housing and community development.

Conference attendees had the opportunity to choose from over 120 courses ranging in topics from management and leadership, community and neighborhood revitalization, to homeownership and community lending and affordable housing. Seven Pathfinder Services employees participated in the five day conference including Natalie Fisher, Jan Baumgartner, Larry Carr, Diana Laux, Loretta Mottram, Tim Federspiel and Andy Ayers.

Washington, D.C., with its wide variety of neighborhoods, was chosen as the backdrop for this conference. The pulse of the city is comprised of numerous neighborhoods alive with diverse ethnicities, distinctive properties and long-told legends. Each unique neighborhood has its own story of struggle, development and triumph. One such neighborhood is the H street corridor. The neighborhood once was the largest entertainment and shopping district, but after the 1968 riots, 30% of the area was left abandoned and condemned. Today H Street is being restored to what it once was and life is being brought back to the community. Revitalizations in these areas were used as education tools for conference participants.

Shown in the photo above is Jan Baumgartner, director of Pathfinder Community Connections, participating in the conference.