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Pathfinder Community Supports celebrates arts

Posted: Friday, December 5, 2014

Pathfinder Community Supports, the Teenager and Adult Services division of Pathfinder Services, Inc., is proud to announce the opening of the Creative Abilities Art Studio in Huntington, and celebrated with an open house on Monday, December 1. During the event, there was a large selection of artwork, including paintings, handmade accessories, one-of-a-kind handcrafted home décor items and customized gifts available for purchase.

Creative Abilities Art Studio, located at 1272 South Jefferson Street, provides creative opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities who are served by Pathfinder Community Supports’ Day Services program.  This program offers adults full or part-time person-centered activities to facilitate life skills through community and center-based activities. The Creative Abilities Art Studio is an expansion of the current art program at Pathfinder Community Supports and provides a space within the community where artists can paint, sculpt, sew and draw.

The works of art will be sold at community events in 2015 through, an online store featuring various products created by individuals with disabilities. The proceeds from the sale of the art go back to the artist and Community Supports to sustain the program.

“The artists have really gained confidence and grown due to the expansion of the art program,” stated Sandy Wing, senior director of Pathfinder Community Supports. “We are thrilled with the space the new studio offers and look forward to providing another opportunity for the individuals we serve to interact with the community,” Wing concluded.

To view or purchase the works of art created by Pathfinder Community Supports artists, or for more details please visit