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Parkview to provide EMT class at HNHS

Posted: Friday, May 8, 2015

Parkview Huntington Hospital has partnered with Huntington North High School to offer an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) class approved by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security during the second semester. Rick Uecker, EMS supervisor, Parkview Huntington Hospital, has instructed the course since it began in 2013.

Huntington North High School approached the hospital to collaborate and develop a curriculum, financial structure and entry-level healthcare outcome for high school students. Carla Gebert, EMS manager, Parkview Huntington Hospital, who created the program, believes in introducing students to the healthcare environment.

“I was passionate about instructing the program in other communities and saw beneficial outcomes,” said Gebert. “This program allows students to interact with patients and have an understanding of an entry level medical setting.”

“I want to provide an avenue for students to enter into the medical field and experience an eye-opening insight to the medical profession,” added Uecker.  “This has been a learning curve for me as well, as it has brought many rewards and different challenges to my career.”

The goal of the program is to provide a vocational outlet for students who may be interested in the field of medicine. Throughout the course, students learn typical EMT practices and life saving techniques. Among these topics include trauma and medical assessment with interventions, cardiac arrest management, bleeding and shock management, airway control as well as other trainings. High school students turning 18 within one year of the last day of class are eligible to enroll and have the chance to become a Certified EMT-Basic after completing 24 hours of ride alongs with the ambulance service, 16 hours working in the Emergency Room at Parkview Huntington Hospital, have a passing grade of 75% (C) or better and passing the Certified EMT-Basic test.

Parkview Huntington Hospital and Huntington North High School have greatly benefited from this EMT program. In the future through the EMT course, the hospital hopes to continue to introduce young individuals to pre-hospital care and build an earlier understanding of the healthcare profession.

Shown in the photo are three Huntington North High School students, Jessica Molitor, Austin Hampel and Craig Klefeker.