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Parkview offers Healthy Steps health fair

Posted: Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Parkview Huntington Hospital welcomes the community to an expanded health-fair format this year, offering new opportunities for people to more effectively manage their health.

“Healthy Steps: Better Health, One Step at a Time” is the new name given to the yearly fall health fair, and in addition to the usual blood draws a variety of  health screenings, flu and pneumonia vaccinations as well as digital mammograms and HeartSmart CT scans will be offered.

Healthy Steps takes place Saturday, October 1, 2011, 7 – 10 a.m., in the front lobby and lower-level classrooms of Parkview Huntington Hospital, 2001 Stults Road, Huntington.

Flu ($25) and pneumonia ($35) vaccinations will be available in the lower-level classrooms. Digital mammography and HeartSmart CT scan appointments can be made by calling (877) 225-5747.

Free screenings and assessments will include:

* Skin cancer screening
* Vision screening
* Hearing screening
* Diabetic foot screening
* Bone density screening
* Grip strength
* Body Mass Index (BMI)
* Height and weight
* Flexibility check
* Balance check
* Blood pressure check

Information available will include:

* Colon cancer information
* Diabetic education and information
* Surgical services provided at the hospital
* Club Ortho information
* Smoking cessation information
* Sleep disorder information
* Poison control information
* Early intervention for heart attack and stroke information
* Extended care facility information
* Home Health Care information
* Birth planner information
* Parkview Huntington Foundation information
* HeartSmart CT scan information
* Digital mammography information
* Community Partners information will be available from: AARP; Aging and In-Home Services; Alzheimer’s Support Group; American Cancer Society; American Red Cross; Companion Life Line; Cancer Services of Huntington County; Fort Wayne Cardiology; HAT – Huntington Council on Aging; Heritage of Huntington; Miller’s Merry Manor, Parkview Neuro Rehab; Norwood’s Health and Rehab; Parkview Huntington Hospital Senior Partners; Parkview Huntington Hospital Volunteers; and Tipton House.

Free EZ Detect colon cancer self-screening kits will be available, as well as free medication reviews and emergency health cards in which to record medications and dosages. Also, free healthy snacks will be fashioned on-site, and Francine’s Friends will be available for women to schedule mammograms in its mobile coach.

Blood tests will include:

* Fasting Blood Chemistry 17 (glucose, lipids, cholesterol, etc.) – This test requires an eight- to 10-hour fast. No food, drink (including coffee and soda), mints, gum, etc.
* Water is allowed, and diabetics should follow their normal therapy schedule. Cost is $20; for PHH Senior Partners it is $17.
* CRP Ultrasensitive blood test (helps predict the risk of developing heart disease – Cost is $23; for Senior Partners, $20.
* Hemogram blood test (anemia, iron screen) – Cost $10; for Senior Partners, $8.
* PSA blood test (prostate screen) – Cost is $23; for Senior Partners, $20.
* TSH blood test (thyroid screen) – Cost is $23; for Senior Partners, $20.

Following the blood tests, breakfast will be available for purchase in the HOSPITALity Café from 7 to 10 a.m. Test results will be returned by mail. For additional information, call (260) 355-3203 or (800) 533-2252, ext. 53203.