Friday, April 16th, 2021

Parkview Huntington's president, Share the Road

Posted: Friday, May 1, 2015

On behalf of Parkview Trauma Center, I would like each one of you to participate in the Share the Road campaign in the Huntington community.

The goal of the Share the Road campaign is to increase the awareness of motorists and other travelers alike to be alert and aware of traffic and road safety. People who use slower, less protected modes of transportation are at risk of life-threatening injury in any impact situation. All of us share responsibility for safe travel on area roadways.

Parkview Trauma Centers, again this year, are reminding motorists, cyclists, Amish buggies and runners that it’s important for everyone to “Share the Road.” While many areas have increased their efforts to create trails that pedestrians and cyclists can use, they’re not available everywhere. Especially throughout our rural communities, finding options for these outdoor well-being activities do not exist. Together, everyone using our roadways plays a part in keeping one another safe and we must all Share the Road.

New for 2015, Parkview Trauma Centers are encouraging businesses within our community to place the campaign message with a yard sign, poster, or on your business marquee. Parkview wants to decrease injury and improve well-being. Prevention is the key to decreasing preventable traumatic injuries.

By placing this message within or around your business, you are playing a large part within the Share the Road campaign. Please continue to enjoy the signage and keep the signs up through the month of May. We would like to continue this campaign year after year. Once you are done using the yard sign, please either return it or contact our department of public safety supervisor at (260) 224-0116 for pick up.

Thank you again, Juli Johnson, president, Parkview Huntington Hospital