Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Parkview Huntington Foundation awards grants

Posted: Friday, August 3, 2018

Fourteen mini-grants, totaling $7,221, have been awarded to five departments at Parkview Huntington Hospital by Parkview Huntington Foundation. The grants will fund requests addressing patient safety and comfort, educational materials, computer accessories, and therapy enhancements. They were approved July 25 by the foundation’s board of directors after consideration of a recommendation by a grant review panel of board members.

Grant funding is drawn from the foundation’s unrestricted Greatest Need Fund, using money contributed during the 2018 Employee Generosity Campaign.

“This year marks new highs in the number of grant applications, the number funded, and the total amount awarded,” said Mike Perkins, foundation director. “Since the program began in 2010, mini-grants have been a great way for the foundation to quickly return employee gifts to the hospital for a variety of needs addressing patient care and staff satisfaction. The generosity of hospital employees makes this happen.”

The awards for 2018 continue to further the foundation’s mission of enhancing care through mini-grants: $494.95 to Emergency Medical Services for a special splint for use with patients with femur fractures; $750 to Rehabilitation and Wellness for a waterproof laptop computer for use by therapists; $874 to Rehabilitation and Wellness for a special chair for use with pediatric patients who have sensory issues; $250 for Inpatient Services to update and “brighten up” the Pediatric Treatment Room; $500 to Inpatient Services for an activity box of items for use while working with adult dementia patients; $1,000 to Inpatient Services to provide backlit computer keyboards that will reduce the need for staff to turn on lights in patient rooms at night and $1,000 to Cardiopulmonary for a laryngoscope, an intubation device to bring a higher success rate of first attempts at patient intubation.

The foundation also gave $159 to Rehabilitation and Wellness for a large canvas swing to be used in physical therapy involving gross motor skills and strengthening exercises; $413 to Rehabilitation and Wellness for a device to allow therapists to place children in the proper position for crawling; $406.55 to Rehabilitation and Wellness to purchase a commercial blender for use in the pediatric occupational therapy program’s pediatric feeding program; $150 for the Family Birthing Center for lumbar support rolls that will provide comfort and ease back stress for staff members; $54.25 for the Family Birthing Center for reference guides for nursing mothers; $369.66 for the Family Birthing Center for anti-fatigue mats placed next to fetal monitors that will reduce leg weariness among staff members who must stand for long periods while completing monitoring tasks and $800 for the Family Birthing Center for a tower fan designed to move air in a fashion that reduces risk of infection transmission.

Over the past nine years, a total of $47,344 has been approved for 68 proposals from 14 different hospital departments. Each year, successful grant applications involve innovative, effective approaches to patient care and/or staff satisfaction.