Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Parkview encourages heart care during month

Posted: Friday, February 5, 2021

As the Parkview Heart Institute celebrates American Heart Month, providers are reminding the community that delaying care can have serious impacts on your health, especially for patients with heart disease.

According to a survey published today by Cleveland Clinic, half of Americans (52%) and even more heart disease patients (65%) have put off health screenings or check-ups because of the pandemic.

The survey found around 85% of Americans are concerned about contracting COVID-19 when seeking treatment for health issues at a doctor’s office. Additionally, one in three heart disease patients have put off taking their heart medications during COVID-19, with the top reason being that they are worried about going to the doctor during the pandemic.

The survey was conducted as part of Cleveland Clinic Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute’s “Love your Heart” consumer education campaign in celebration of American Heart Month. The Parkview Heart Institute became an affiliate of the Cleveland Clinic Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute in August of 2019 and is now an alliance member of the program.

“The Cleveland Clinic survey verifies what we already knew: Too many patients, especially those with heart disease, are putting off needed care during the pandemic,” said Roy Robertson, MD, FACC, president, Parkview Heart Institute. “Both routine and emergent care are critical to caring for our patients. Parkview has taken several precautions to ensure safety for our patients in any setting. This month, and throughout the year, we encourage you to reach out to your provider to make sure you’re getting the care you need.”

Throughout the month of February, Parkview Heart Institute will host a series of heart-healthy events and activities aimed at increasing the awareness of heart disease: Lighting of Parkview Heart Institute and Parkview Hospital Randallia, February 1 to 28.

Parkview will go red for the month of February, shining a red light on the west side of Parkview Heart Institute on the Parkview Regional Medical Center campus, as well as the east side of Parkview Hospital Randallia on Carew Street.

Monthly meeting of the Her Heart Support Network at PHI, Thursday, Feb. 11, 6 to 8 p.m., virtual meeting via Zoom. This month, Dave Johnson, PhD, employee assistance specialist, Parkview Health, will discuss the importance of self-love just in time for Valentine’s Day. The Her Heart Support Network welcomes women who are learning to achieve their best health, despite a diagnosis of heart disease or recovery from a heart event. Four local women, who trained with heart health experts at Mayo Clinic, facilitate the monthly meetings. For more information or to receive the Zoom link, call (260) 266-2444 or email

Love Your Heart for Life, Wednesday, February 17, 6 to 7 p.m., virtual event via Zoom. Join Jill Zahm, program coordinator, Parkview Heart Institute, as she discusses how to love your heart for life. Zahm will talk about risk factors for heart disease, understanding your numbers and self-care so you have the tools needed to take care of your heart for life. For more information or to receive the Zoom link, call (260) 266-6500 or toll free, (844) 835-0003.

Love Your Heart Expo. Due to the pandemic, Parkview Heart Institute will not host its annual Love Your Heart Expo in February. Instead, the heart experts at Parkview Heart Institute have prepared educational content and videos focused on prevention of heart disease and living your healthiest life. These resources can be accessed throughout February at