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Parkmoor, Northside Cleaners make investment

Posted: Friday, December 2, 2011

Parkmoor Car Wash and Northside Cleaners are celebrating their 40th anniversary at 37 Parkmoor Drive in 2011. Leo Zahm originally purchased the former home of Marsh Grocery and renovated the building, opening Parkmoor Car Wash and Northside Cleaners in 1971.

Leo operated the businesses until 1976 when his son Dick purchased the building and businesses. Dick gave the building a “face lift” and added the mansard roof. He also renovated the entrance of Northside Cleaners.

Over the years the building and equipment have undergone many improvements. The car wash is currently getting ready to receive its fourth new conveyor.
The $50,000 investment will necessitate the car wash’s closing for four days over the weekend of Saturday, December 3. The old conveyor will be completely removed and sold for scrap to make room for the installation of the DuraTrans XD conveyor.

The DuraTrans XD conveyor will not be obvious to those using the car wash, but it is the “backbone” of the car wash business. The new hydraulic conveyor will offer Parkmoor Car Wash the highest level of reliability in the industry. Benjamin Spurgeon, manager, notes that maintenance issues will be greatly reduced and the conveyor will make the car wash more efficient and safe.

Improvements have been made to Northside Cleaners in 2011 as well. Three new heavy duty washers have been installed, replacing the older models that were in their place. The cost of this improvement was $30,000.

As lifelong residents and business owners in Huntington, the Zahms feel that even in these economic times, these investments are a statement of their commitment to the business and the community.”