Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Operation “Unselfish Participation” sets goals

Posted: Friday, March 18, 2011

The Huntington County Beautification Committee has set their 2011 project goals into motion. Operation “Unselfish Participation” in Beautification is requesting city, towns, and county residents to spend a little time in beautification.

The week of April 25-30 will be designated as Operation “UP” week. The committee is searching for groups, organizations, and individuals to work on beautification of certain areas throughout the county. Participants may pick an area or the committee can assign an area. Each volunteer group is asked to “police” the area for trash, remove and rake up weeds, trim or remove grass, and clean up unsightly debris. The group can take one night during the week or take every night during the week to complete their project.

The committee asks that groups contact Marla Stambazze with a request for a specific project or let her know what project the group would like to complete along with the group’s name and contact person.

After the week of April 25, the committee’s next goal is to request groups, families, or individuals to adopt areas to maintain from May to October. If a group “adopts” a flower bed, landscaping project or a roadway to keep free of litter and weeds, the group will need to maintain that area. This would include care  through the growing season, seeing that it is mowed regularly, weeded and if there are flowers planted, they need to be watered and maintained on a regular basis.

The Beautification committee would like to recognize businesses and residents that have taken pride in their yards with a yard of the month program during the months of May through October. Businesses and residents will be recognized for their work on their yards and curbs that reflect the pride they have taken to beautify their property.

All of the goals have been established to create pride in our communities by making our roadways and property attractive and business friendly. Please consider taking part in helping in whatever way you can to make Huntington County a great place to live and raise a family.