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Nominate Torchbearers for Indiana Bicentennial

Posted: Friday, September 11, 2015

Indiana’s Bicentennial Celebration for 2016 will include a traveling torch created by Purdue University. The torch will travel throughout Indiana, and Huntington County will help celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the state of Indiana on Friday, September 30, 2016, when the torch travels through the area for three hours, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Torchbearers from Huntington County will be needed to help transport the Bicentennial torch through Huntington County and bring it to the county celebration at the Huntington County Fairgrounds. Torchbearers will be nominated on a set of criteria, and selected by a committee formed by the state of Indiana, which will review the submitted nomination forms. Local individuals are invited to nominate a torchbearer from our area. The nomination period ends on December 31, 2015.

Torchbearer nominations recognize Hoosiers who demonstrate exceptional public service, excellence in their profession, acts of heroism or volunteer service to their neighborhood, community, region or state. Torchbearers must meet one of the following criteria: have achieved personal and/or professional excellence or celebrity status or have made an outstanding contribution to their neighborhood, community, region or state through service, stewardship and/or involvement.

Torchbearer nominees must be able to physically help to transport the torch at least a quarter of a mile, and be a current or former resident of the county in Indiana for which they are being nominated. Hoosiers may be nominated posthumously and a substitute torchbearer can be submitted to carry the torch on behalf of the nominee. Torchbearers can be any age, but those under the age of 14 will have additional youth torchbearer criteria.

A background check is required and nominees must not have a criminal record. Nominees will be required to complete a Torchbearer Waiver Form. If under 18, a parent/guardian signature will be required to complete the Torchbearer Waiver Form. There are no restrictions on the number of nominations from any one person. Incomplete, anonymous or self-nomination forms will not be accepted.

Huntington County Coordinator of the Huntington County Bicentennial Committee, Steve Kimmel, stated, “We are honored to carry the torch through Huntington County to help celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the state of Indiana.”

Methods of nomination include email: download the word document from, complete the form, save and email back as an attachment. Nomination forms submitted via email should be made to the designated county contact as indicated on the above listed website.

Printed nomination forms may be completed and submitted via mail or dropped off at the local Chamber of Commerce, 305 Warren Street. The Chamber also has nomination forms available for completion. For more information contact the Chamber at (260) 356-5300.

For more information about the Indiana State Bicentennial celebration for 2016 in Huntington County follow Indiana Bicentennial 2016 Huntington County on Facebook and type in Huntington Bicentennial. To learn more about Indiana’s state celebration visit