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New video targets job seekers

Posted: Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fort Wayne, IN - The Talent Initiative, the program behind the Talent Made Here campaign, is releasing a new video today that offers a firsthand, behind the scenes glimpse of WorkOne Northeast. WorkOne has partnered with the Talent Initiative to help people find new or better jobs, choose a career, find a good employee, or access additional skills training at no cost. The video is meant to be a visual supplement to the WorkOne information already available on the website

"Given today's economic climate, we want to do everything we can to make sure people are aware of the great, no cost services WorkOne provides," said Talent Initiative Communications Manager Courtney Tritch. "We know taking that first step to get additional training can be intimidating and we wanted to show people firsthand what an easy and convenient resource WorkOne is."

Retraining adult workers is one of the four main strategies behind the Talent Initiative, and since the beginning of the grant a little over 18 months ago, WorkOne has supported 1,091 workers with skills training activities using Talent Initiative funding. Of this total, 651 of the workers supported with training resources have been incumbent workers who have worked for a total of 69 different regional employers in the defense/aerospace and advanced manufacturing cluster. (The remaining 440 workers served with Talent Initiative resources were dislocated or underemployed workers.) Of the 389 workers who have fully completed their training-just over 700 are still actively undergoing training-347 of them have received at least one industry-recognized certification or degree.

"With resources still available through the Talent Initiative, WorkOne Northeast will provide skills training support to an additional 1,000 to 1,500 workers over the next 18 months, helping them gain the skills necessary to successfully compete in today's job market," said Kathleen Randolph, President / CEO of WorkOne Northeast. "In these challenging economic times, we know that workers with the greatest skill levels will be most successful in the job market and WorkOne is thrilled that we have the opportunity to provide this kind of service through our partnership with the Talent Initiative."

The video along with additional information on education and training resources in Northeast Indiana can be found at

Source: The Talent Initiative