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New Huntington continues with Sound of Music

Posted: Friday, July 25, 2014

Different Stages Theater, at the award-winning The New Huntington Theater, will continue with the Sound of Music through Sunday, July 27. Tickets are still available for the professional, Broadway-style production at

Following seven years of renovation by Richard Najuch and Joel Froomkin, The New Huntington Theater has been gorgeously remodeled into an art deco space as home of Different Stages Theater. Froomkin and Najuch relocated to Indiana in mid-2007 with the vision of remodeling the disused Huntington Theater and bringing the space new life as home to their professional theater company. The Sound of Music is Different Stages’ premiere production which opened at The New Huntington on July 8 and continues through Sunday.

The New Huntington Theater draws theater enthusiasts from miles away and also introduces them to the Huntington community. According to those who have attended The Sound of Music, the production is as professional as any show seen on Broadway, Chicago, Indianapolis and even Paris stages. Other comments have included how economically priced the tickets are for such a quality event.

Najuch and Froomkin have added a dimension to Huntington that has a direct economic impact on the community as a whole. Those who attend visit Huntington’s shops, restaurants and hotels making Huntington a “destination” to visit. The New Huntington Theater’s presence has also created an increased interest in the development of the arts in the area.

The New Huntington Theater is located at 528 N. Jefferson Street and will present Moonlight and Magnolias Thursday, August 14 through Saturday, August 23. Full show schedule, further details and preview videos are available online at or by calling the box office at (260) 454-0603.