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New equipment will help PHH ‘snow men’

Posted: Friday, January 20, 2017

As Huntington County’s partner in health, Parkview Huntington Hospital places the highest priority on maintaining a safe environment – safe for patients, for the staff members and physicians caring for them, and for family members and visitors. Now, a new piece of equipment will help with the demanding seasonal task of keeping parking and walking surfaces clear to encourage safe entry and exit for guests and staff members alike.

A Bobcat® 3650 is now the centerpiece of equipment used by Parkview Huntington’s “snow men,” four members of the facilities team who work hard to clear snow and ice around the hospital during the winter months. They will make good use of the versatile Bobcat and its salt spreader, front-mount snow blower and front-mount angle broom.

“With the cold, snowy winter we’re having, the team is really welcoming the arrival of the Bobcat,” said Scott Amburgey, director, Support Services, Parkview Huntington Hospital. “We expect to put it through its paces in the coming weeks.”

The hospital’s “snow men” – John Hartman, Don Dellinger, Luke Klingenberger and Tyler Storm – put in a busy late November and December, removing snow from the parking lot and sidewalks, and spreading salt. During that period, they put down almost 10,000 pounds of salt to keep surfaces as clear as possible, and plowed the parking lot and campus drives repeatedly.

“The weather on this hilltop can make it pretty tough to get in and out to your car,” said Hartman, operations lead. “We always encourage people to wear shoes with good treads and to step carefully around here in the winter, and we do our best to keep the walks and parking lot clear of snow. Safety is very important to us.”

Juli Johnson, president of the hospital, agreed. “Safety in all aspects of our operations is essential, and it takes a strong team effort,” she said. “From using the latest patient care processes to following proper procedures for cleaning, food preparation, and campus maintenance, we are mindful of safety in everything we do. Having the right equipment for the job – like this new vehicle for our facilities team – can enhance the results for everyone who visits this hospital.”

The new vehicle replaces an aging golf cart and a tractor heavily used since the days of the old hospital facility. Amburgey said the Bobcat will provide greater efficiency for the team not only during winter, but also year-round on all sorts of grounds maintenance projects.

The “snow men” of PHH now have added a new member to their snow removal team, a new Bobcat utility vehicle. Shown from left to right, are John Hartman, Luke Klingenberger, Don Dellinger and Tyler Storm.